Volumio 2 RPI questions (I am a bit lost)

As a long time user of Volumio, I am a bit lost:

-Volumio 2 is out? Or is it still RC?
-Volumio 2 = version 0.979 (While I am now on 1.4)?

  • Volumio2 / version 0.979 runs on the 1st gen Raspberry PI (256Mb)?
  • version 0.979 includes Spotify feature?


Volumio2 is still a RC
Last RC (22th August 2016) is 0.979
Don’t know for RPI A -
Spotify work as a plugin to be installed (just select it in the plugin tab)

Thanks for the clarification Balbuze!

Please note I am not referring to the Raspberry PI A, but to the very first Raspberry Pi model B with 256MB (hosting my Volumio 1.55 with Spotify) as we speak.

I’d love to hear if i can upgrade this to Volumio 2. I downloaded the zip but see no readme or whatsoever.

Unfortunately Volumio2 will not be compatible with your PI… I’m sorry (256 MB is just not enough memory…)

Maybe its time to upgrade to a PI3…

Hi Mechelangelo, thanks for the reply. I understand 256MB isn’t enough, but is a PI with 512MB? Or is Volumio2 only compatible with the 1GB RPI models? Is this somewhere in a readme?

Volumio 2 will run on 512MB models … just :slight_smile:

Nah it runs fine on 512MB models, you just need to be patient when changing music (don’t switch too much between spotify/webradio/mpd within seconds). But it plays perfectly. :wink: