volumio 2 RC 1 sorting music on sd card by album or artist

I recently installed volumio 2 RC 1 on Rpi 2. I came from volumio 1.55 and liked how the buttons were bigger on volumio 2, however, the browse options are completely different between 2 RC1 and 1.55. I was wondering if there was something I could do to re-enable a browse menu more similar to 1.55 (or is it no yet implemented)

Really? I thought they were actually very similar and they work the same way. What specifically do you think is different and do not like?

Unfortunately, there will not be any way to use the 1.55 browse screens on 2.

so what i typically do is have all of my music in one big folder (yea i know, thats its super unorganized). I would then copy this folder over to the sd card that volumio is running on.

in 1.55, volumio would parse this folder and show me a list of either artists/albums/song titles whereas in v2 when i go to /browse its not very obvious how its sorted