Volumio 2 problems


After couple hours of fighting with volumio 2 … i give up

  1. Kiosk plugin: chromium start under root :open_mouth: ///// fix: edit /lib/systemd/system/volumio-kiosk.service

  2. smb share: I dont see any folders under Music Library, but smb share is mounted and accessible under volumio user (even i tried run mpd under volumio user)

  3. Odroid C2 stuff: touch input not working at all

Volumio works for most users and has good potencial but in the end I think that I would gladly pay 10 euros for a software with and ongoing support.

Usually it’s a good idea to solve one problem before you move on to the next stage…

Regarding smb shares - it can take some time before a share is propogated on the network. Provided you know the IP Address of the smb server and the name of the share you can enter it manually. Just click ‘Add New Drive’ then enter an Alias name that you want to use for the share, then enter the IP Address for the smb server and finally enter the name of the share you created. If the share is set up correctly then Volumio will then find it.

Sorry - can’t help with the other 2 things…