Volumio 2 + Pi3 + Soekris

Hi All,

I installed Volumio 2 on Pi3 and tried to connect it to Soekris DAC using I2s but couldn’t.
I enabled I2S from the playback option and chose hifiberry dac but the Soekris doesn’t seem to lock to the I2S signal.
I have tried the same configuration with Moode and it works (swapping the micro sd card with the image). So I know the I2S connections are fine.
I have already tried the ESS configuration that someone got working on pi2 but it doesn’t work. Also tried several workarounds as suggested by various forums but it still doesn’t work.
Please help me if there is anything I need to change in configuration to make it work.
Also let me know in case the Soekris I2S with Pi3 is not supported with the current Volumio2 release.


Could you please try to use the RaspiDACv3 and report if that works?

Soekris DAM 1021 works only with 24bit music. No sound with RaspiDACv3 at all.