Volumio 2 on Voltastream boards

I had a few questions lately regarding the support of Voltastream Zero, which is not on our release list but we have build scripts for.
As the porting work has been done anyway, I decided to create this topic in the Community Portings section.
It offers people the opportunity to discuss Voltastream Zero (and future Voltastream board versions).

Voltastream images will not be released on the download page, but links will be published in this opening post.
Note that there are two different links: one for a Voltastream0 512Mb board and one for the 1Gb version.
Do not attempt 1Gb versions on a 512Mb Voltastream board, they will not work.
The 1Gb board has been discontinued by Polyvection, so the link down below is probably to the last one image I built.

New image versions for the 512Mb board will be built once in a while when there is demand for it (post that in this topic).
This will only happen as long as 512Mb is sufficient to run Volumio.
Currently it is, there is no guarantee it stays that way, for this we depend on the work done for the main platform (PI).
As long as there is PI Zero, we’re ok :wink:

Voltastream Zero
512Mb version 2.715


  • update to newest Volumio/myVolumio functionality

Previous releases
512Mb version 2.528


  • Added myVolumio functionality with Tidal and Qobuz support

Previous releases
1Gb version 2.383, presumed EOL
512Mb version 2.384

Please note: this thread is about Voltastream only!!

Push for latest version. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to make it compatible with the AMP1 board?

yes, I can build a new version (have a much newer dev version which works fine).
It might even have myVolumio in it, WIP, Target: end of January.

AMP1: no chance, does not really fit the Volumio roadmap (we focus on output and have no interfaces for input).
But anything new from Polyvection will be considered carefully, the past proved it to be exellent stuff!

As promised, a new version is now available and it has myVolumio functionality

512Mb version 2.528

Last image: volumio-2.775-2020-05-07-voltastream0

Pity, great piece of work, unfortunately “marketing” failed. It would have “killed” the PI Zero when used for audio purposes, no doubt.
Due to lack of interest, support ends as of today, thread closed.