Volumio 2 on Rock64

A new version is ready for downloading: volumio-2.504-2018-11-29-rock64, see the OP for more details.

Note: this is still a standard volumio version. The build script has been enhanced to allow Michelangelo to build a myVolumio version.
Hopefully this will be done tomorrow, I’ll post a download link this weekend after verifying that it is working properly.

– Gé –

Just got the new version up and running here and I2C is playing very nice alongside my new DAC, thanks for adding the device tree overlay scripts. :wink:


and now the next update:


  • As 2.504, but with myVolumio enabled

Feedback is, as always, very welcome!!

Sorry for the delay, i was busy getting wifi to work properly, none of my usb adapters worked, possibly missing drivers in ayufan’s kernel, but then i found a previously MIA RT5370 usb wifi and it worked fine despite some missing packets :wink:

I’m terrible at taking pictures but with some effort you’ll see the board (rock64), DAC, some crazy wires and a small fan i put on the top for heating purposes, a bit hacky but i like it, lol


Is there a way to update from this version to your newest or i have to start over to test it?


Updating could work, ot sure. It has not been tested on Rock64, but as you would have to re-flash, you could try :smiley:
You need to set your device in test mode though.

Preparing Rock64 for a whole bunch of DSD-direct capable USB Audio devices, bringing support in line with RPi, X86, etc.
To be announced soon.

that’s good new, I have a topping d10 usd dac(152a:8750) , even DOP is not working on rock64

kudos for the inline support, very nice! :wink:

As promised volumio-2.528-2019-01-12-rock64 with updated support for DSD-direct (native) capable USB Audio devices.

Just installed the new update and everything is working flawlessly as usual.

Thank you

Sorry, some questions from a Volumio newbie here.

So, the volumio-2.528-2019-01-12-rock64 release is good for the Rock64, or also works with the Rock64Pro?

Is the Rock64 a safe bet and now as usable and stable with Volumio as say the Pi, or Sparky? Will it update automatically, or will I have to flash a new microSD for updates?

I only have macOS available to me. I can flash this image to a microSD using balenaEtcher, or UNetbootin and the Rock64 should boot right up?

The video out from the Rock64 can go to my TV and I can see what’s playing, etc? I believe in the past I say some Volumio devices pictured doing that.

There is no local login or administration on the Rock64, everything is done from the web UI/app?

Volumio loads to RAM. How does it know where mmy music library is to index and save that between reboots?

Volumio can play from a network location and a disk plugged in locally?

The USB connection should work with my DAC, TEAC UD-501?

Thank you in advance.

This image will not work on Rock64pro because it is based on a Rockchip RK3399, Rock64 has RK3328.
(In my opinion, Rock64pro is not a suitable platform for Volumio, but that is another story).

We do regular updates for Rock64, it is stable according to feedback here and on the pine64.org forum.
You should be able to update Rock64 when a new version is available, I personally have to admit not testing this very often.

I have not tested the Touchscreen plugin (which also supports plain HDMI, like a TV) as I have no use for it.
Perhaps someone else might chime in with info.

There is no login/ admin necessary, but you can use a remote ssh terminal connection access Volumio directly.
This can be used in case you want to do specific configuration, requires you to be confident with command line operations.

Indexing is done thru the UI, you need to configure settings for network storage (CIFS or NFS), also thru the UI.
With direct connected storage like USB sticks or drives this should work without automatically.
Not everything is kept in RAM, all configuration (including your music index) is kept on the SD or eMMC you booted from, but done in a way to minimize wear on your storage device.

USB Audio should be OK for most commercial devices.
If TEAC UD-501 is supported by the linux audio driver (google a little, I don’t know by heart), then Volumio will too.


You could buy the cheapest Rock64 as Volumio already works with 1Gb (and up).

Hello, from Volumio newcomer
Rock64 i2s to dac es9038Q2M works fine
But play dsd64 screen display 96KHZ
Is there an es9038Q2M rock64-Volumio plugin available?
Sorry, forgive me, bad English.


This is helpful! Thanks

eMMC is faster and a little more reliable than an SD card, though the speed difference you will only notice when booting.
I always use eMMC whenever I can leave it untouched for a while.
Rock64 has a removable eMMC, therefore I do not use it for testing as the eMMC connector looks a little delicate, it may not be made for using tens of times a day.
In case you decide to buy an eMMC, don’t forget to order the uSD adapter at the same time.

There is no plugin, and there are no plans for it, driver installation remains manual.

It seems there is a Rock64 hw rev. 3 on its way, which will allow the use of PI HATs.
This is when we can add more DAC drivers to the Rock64 kernel in a similar way as for the Tinkerboard.
ES9038Q2M would be one of them.
No date yet though, so no need to ask :wink:

Hello nice project, any chance to port it to RockPro64?


send me a RockPro64…
No, seriously, there is no demand for it
So, not likely to happen, sorry

New version of Volumio released:

[i]This new version is available to ALL Volumio users. It’s free for all, just update it and you’ll get it right away.

To enable the Contemporary version of Volumio It’s super easy, just update to the latest version (Volumio 2.712) and by default the contemporary design will be applied on the UI.[/i]

It will be fantastic to be ported on Rock64 as quickly as possible and get rid of the old/rusty UI. Volumio says (on Facebook announcement) that Rock64 is not a supported platform and will not get the update out of the box.