Volumio 2 on Orange Pi Boards

Hello everyone,
I am new here and after some readings to set up a modern audio system I came across Volumio which seems a great and free software platform.
I’ve made this account to get some infos about a possible support for the Orange Pi 3 board (or any with an Allwinner H6 CPU).

I want to build a Volumio box with the Khadas Tone Board and all I need is a Gigabit connection (WiFi is optional and not necessary), 2GB of RAM (I assume Volumio will benefit of it rather than the usual 512MB or 1GB in the common boards) and a USB 2.0 port (cause it looks like the 40 pins connection on the Khadas Tone Board works only with the VIM boards but I may be wrong here so if somone else knows better than me please tell me).
Indeed the Orange Pi 3 fits my needs and it is a fast; faster than most of the boards supported here, and a cheap solution.

Do you think to support this board or any with the H6 CPU?
And if the H6 is overkill for the purpose (it will just run Volumio on it), what are your suggestions/alternatives?

AFAIK H6 doesn’t have I2S support completed yet. Last when I checked, there were some patches from jernejsk for support, but hadn’t been merged in yet.
More importantly, I don’t think the Orange Pi 3 has the I2S pins broken out?

My idea is to use the USB2 port on it; the I2S is an alternative (on other boards with the H6).

@zermak, do you have basic kernel and uboot compile skills, so we could talk you through it, using
the volumio documentation which is already there on the subject (check the volumio.org site)?

Hi! I have an Orange Pi one and ES9018k2m DAC (from China), and I’m using “Volumio2.572-2019-04-16-orangepione-4.19.34” version. The Volumio works well with 44khz/16 bit files, but I have few 96khz/24 bit music, and the unit plays this files with half speed. How can I play correctly higher resolution files?

Thanks for help!

Sorry for the late reply; I didn’t receive any e-mail notification.

I never tried to compile anything but I am a good reader and have some spare time now.
I have used few Debian based distros and I am not ignorant about coding but I only know the very basics.

I could try to get the cheaper Orange Pi One Plus if you can confirm that less than 1GiB (cause of GPU RAM usage) is enough to run Volumio flowlessy for a very long time (meaning after some major update) and so work to build Volumio for it.

The new version Volumio 2.586 (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One):
Changelog link.

The new version Volumio 2.587 (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One):
Changelog link.

  • updated to kernel 4.19.50

Good day, I ask for your help!!!

Orange Pi PC + PCM5102 I2S-master doesn’t work!
There is sound only after 3.5 jack (((

P.S. I installed different versions

The new version Volumio 2.599 (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One):
Changelog link.

Hello everyone,
first of all, great job at porting volumio to orange pi boards and thank you for that.

I am having an issue on a Orange pi pc. ( orange pi pc + usb wifi + generic i2s DAC with pcm5102 chip [the yellow one with RCA :slight_smile: ] )

Leaving idle through the night, i find it “frozen” in the morning. At some point it hangs.

So, basically my questions are:
Does anyone else have the same issue?
Is something executing during the night that stresses it or makes it panic? (i couldn’t find anything related with cron )
Is there a way to make the logs permanent for debugging purposes?
And the obvious one :slight_smile: Does anyone have a solution? :smiley:

Thank you for your time.



I’m trying to setup Volumio on an Orange Pi Lite with a PCM5102 DAC.
I’m using version 2.599.
It’s booting up ok, Wifi and all, but I’m getting no sound.
There used to be photos available on one of an earlier post showing the cabling between to OPI an the DAC, but the photos are not showing any more.
Could someone please repost those pictures ? or list the pinout to be used ?
Thank you all.

Replying to my own post.
The images are now showing.
I can now double check my cabling.

Just to confirm this is working OK using the cabling shown on the pictures.

The new version Volumio 2.619 (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One):
Changelog link.

Hi, it’s working on OPi PC plus, but how to get the wifi module working with the PC image?
8189fs module loads with modprobe but wifi adapter is not showing up at all.


I can’t check the operation of the WiFi on OPi PC plus. I don’t have that Board.
I test the work only on Orange Pi Lite, there WiFi works fine.
You can buy Orange Pi Lite or build your own working core module for your WiFi.

PC Plus is like PC only with wifi module.
I would be willing to build my own core module. Since the differences between PC and PC plus are very small, maybe you can share your build script for PC (and instructions :wink: with me?

Build script is here.
Documentation is here.
How to build Armbian kernel is here.

The new version Volumio 2.632 (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One):
Changelog link.

  • updated to kernel 4.19.78