Volumio 2 on Odroid Boards

Agree, there is too much missing at the moment.
Our focus is on audio, so i2s, spdif, hdmi and usb audio. Except for usb audio nothing is there yet…

Hmm, I only need the USB audio :wink:

Is there a easier way to do it?

Or would it possible to install volumio on top of a armbian 4.17 odroid c2 ?

Thank you

There is no way to put volumio on top of an existing distro.
I’m curious though, why are you so keen on 4.17, is there anything specific you need from it?
USB audio on C2 works fine with the current version.


Any news on Myvolumio porting on Odroid (mine is C1+) boards ?

No news and nothing has been planned yet for any of the community portings.

and I now have news, yes, we are going to make versions for selected community portings.
Just come back and check here once in a while, there is no fixed date, but I’m aiming for early December

Nice to hear. But there is no emergency. Myvolumio interests me for Qobuz who is a pain in the ass to listen with bubbleupnp.

We don’t do “emergencies” anyway :mrgreen:

as promised: the first myVolumio image for Odroid C2: volumio-2.499-2018-11-15-odroidc2

The version for the Odroid C1 has been fixed and will follow this weekend.

NICE ! I’m waiting for the C1+ version \o/

EDIT : volumio-2.459-2018-09-20-odroidc1 works like a charm :mrgreen:

C1(+) now also has myVolumio, sorry it took me so long to update the OP
C2 version has been bumped to 2.523 as well.

Edit: Sorry, the C2 version mentioned here appears to be wrong after all, but the download link in the OP is correct

You mean 2.513? Or 2.523 - not downlodable, not available online…

Tapatalkkal küldve az én CLT-L29 eszközömről

Very strange!
To make sure I did not make an editorial mistake I clicked both the C1 and C2 link and the following downloads are fine.

Edit: I corrected my previous post.

Hi, i’m new to odroid device, wanted to try volumio soft, but my C2 doesn’t boot with this image (2.513). I’m stuck with this screen, please help :slight_smile:
2018-12-18 07.06.04.jpg

Before I release a download link I always flash the images to my test rigs.
I know the C2 has no issues, it boots fine with myVolumio included.

To be able to help you, I need more info.
Could you do a log from the volumio.local/dev page and let me know the url you receive when submitting?
Do you operate the C2 with a Hifi Shield or without?

Hi gkkpch !

I need Your Help !

Currently I’m in process of creating a report about my “audiophile” set-up :
“VOLUMIO 2.513 Audio Player on ODROID C2 with VU7 7” Touchscreen display"

It will be really detailed and comprehensive, with “how-tos” manual … It will be published later …

Preliminary, I can say, almost everithing is working perfectly :

  • hardwares : SBC, display, keyboard, DACs, buttons, …
  • basic softwares : handling of really large media library …
  • plugins : Touch, Spotify, SpotifyConnect2, Remoote, LastFM, RadioParadise, TuneIn, GPIO buttons, YouTube, 80s80s Radio, …

Some of COMPONENTS ( hw, sw, plugins) were “fine tuned” or “modified” to be able to work correctly.

But I have still few unsolved / problematic cases. They are :

  3. WAKE UP VIA GPIO BUTTON ( using ACPID / odroid C2 feature) DOES NOT WORK ( shutdown is OK)

Googling and reading around apropriate forums, I got to next conclusions :

  1. KERNEL need to be updated and recompiled, because of missing driver for VU7 touchscreen input.
  2. BOOT LOADER ( bl301) and U-BOOT need to be updated, to be able to handle WAKE UP VIA GPIO BUTTONS.

Replacing the KERNEL with old one ( from volumio 2.344) solve the VOLUMIO SPOTIFY CONNECT 2 problem. So this problem can be related to KERNEL too. ( I’m not 100% shure about this).

My request to You - dear gkkpch - is to help me to update, recompile the KERNEL, the U-BOOT, the BOOT LOADER … from where do I need start ? For example from here : github.com/hardkernel/linux/com … dc2-3.14.y ?
From where come the volumio 2.513 KERNEL ( 3.14.79 #2 / 13-04-2018 ) ?
So, as You see i need some directives …

Thank You in advance, and
Merry Christmas to whole community !

Not sure what skills you have, are you able to (re)compile the kernel with my input?
Re. touch input I need to check the kernel config and verify that the correct driver module is still selected.
It was working with a VU7+ here a while ago , I will need to setup a test rig to verify.
The kernel is 3.14.y from the HK repo and has not been updated lately.
We may have to switch to 3.16.y to get everything working.

This looks like quite a bit of work and can’t be done immediately, please bear with me.
I’m afraid there are a few requests on my ToDo-list with high priority, the rest is first-come, first-served :wink:
I will reply next week and try to work out a schedule…

As for Spotify/ Topping, try with adding the following line

options snd-usb-audio index=5

to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and reboot

Yes, my skills … is not the advanced level … but i have endurance like a mule …
Touch input … it works with kernel from volumio 2.344, so you have right, it is a question of selection of driver …
I’m wondering what will bring LTS kernel 3.16.y to volumio2 … in any way Ubuntu 18.04 runs well on top of it …
So, I will be patient … but if i will found out something on my own, You will be informed …
Spotify/Topping problem … I will try your suggestion now …

Thank You !

OK, then I will do the kernel bits and the deal is that you help with the testing.
There were a few things pending for C2 already and with a new kernel (has to be done at one point, so why not now), thorough testing will be needed.
Hope you’re OK with that.
Follow up next week.

I’m away from my build environment but was able to read up a little for HK and the kernel 3.16 usb audio status.
It seems a switch is really necessary to allow support for all the new DSD devices popping up.
For kernel 3.14 this is a lost case, but 3.16 has been patched by HK to a level where I can add more usb audio patches (and hopefully get them committed into the HK repo).
Merry Chrismas to you all, I’m now off for a couple of days…

– Gé –