Volumio 2 on Odroid Boards

Thank you! C1+ will be discontinued too, but the C4 will continue. I have a small stock of C1+. Odroid sounds better then other boards.

thanks for the update … I will try the latest version soon … I fell back on your latest c1+ version using the hifishield 2 and that is working VERY well. crisp sound, well defined sound and no noise (I do use an ultra linear powersupply (5V - 25W) and for the amplifier I am using a 3KW power shaper (as where I live in Thailand there is a LOT of noise and SPIKES on the 220v (it changes between 244 and 218 V on a regular base (like every 5 min))
Many thanks for the great effort you are putting into this project …,.

one question : MOODE is getting some attention but it is only available for the RPI … it seems to have less problems on start up and the audio reviews are pretty good . Would it be possible to port MoOde to the hardkernel family?


Why would anyone want to change from Volumio to Moode :see_no_evil:
On a serious note, don’t ask Volumio devs, ask the founder whether you can do this. The fact that after all the years it still only runs on PI probably says enough.

Anyway, consider switching to a C4 if you like Hardkernel’s work.
C2 is EOL (production stopped) and C1+ won’t be long either.
But, as long as they function…

Note: Odroid Volumio 3 Beta kickoff