Volumio 2 on NanoPi Neo3

This thread offers people the opportunity to find new images for the NanoPi Neo3, built at regular times to follow up on finished Volumio development cycles.

Anyone willing to help maintain the NanoPi platform is very welcome.

New Release

See the changelog link on the download page

Fixes 2.857

Support for additional wifi dongles (tested with rtl8188eus, rt5370/rt5372, rtl8188cus)

Previous Releases


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Anyone working on this?
If yes, then please reply so we can combine efforts.
I2S is an open issue, hope to get this solved, input welcome.
SPDIF appears to be on GPIO header pin 26, but I have not configured/ tested this yet.

I was having a look to this device recently, it looks really nice

I think I’ll order few in the coming days

I2S issues located and locally fixed.
We’ll send out fixes to FriendlyArm and then wait to get verified updates in return.
Not ready to publish volumio for neo3 yet as spdif got postponed because of these issues.
It will follow as a next step.

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Latest release 2.857 available, see the updated opening post.

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