Volumio 2 on NanoPi Neo

I updated nanopi images to Volumio 2.777 with kernel 5.4.44 and 5.4.44-rt27(with PREEMPT_PT patch).

HI, I’ve installed the latest NanoPi Neo Air image but I have no audio; I have the NanoHat PCM5102A and changed the Volumio setting to ‘External DAC’ is there anything else that I need to do?

Hi, I have NanoPi Neo with PCM5102 hat and I would like to know if there is any image based on the latest volumio for it.

I updated nanopi(neo, neo2, air, plus2, 2black) images to current Volumio version with kernel 5.10
For pcm5102 hat needed added/change dts overlays. I haven’t 5102 hat so I can’t made and check it.

And I tried build Volumio with Debian Buster for Nanopineo based on Orange PI script. Looks like it working too.

Updated link to google-drive: shared - Google Drive

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is it possible to have the NanoPi images with the latest certificate fix?

which version are you running now and from where was it downloaded?
It is one with myVolumio support?
There is a new one published in the NanoPi Neo3 thread.
I built one for the Neo2, with myVolumio functionality, but don’t know where to put it as there is no thread for it yet.

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I got it from the google-drive link from nikkov

Can you share the link in this thread?

you did not answer my question yet :wink:
Which version did you have? Obviously without myVolumio.
I do not necessarily want to compete with the work @nikkov has done.
The “myVolumio” version is still using an older kernel, I will add the link in a new thread so things do not get mixed up.
OTA may not work, so you need to flash.

sorry I didn’t know the answer, I am flashing his latest image right now. I suppose without myvolumio.

I have a few spare NanoPi Neo2 and I want to use one for a tiny system to have Volumio in my car

ok, the Neo2 thread will be added sometime today when I’m near my desk.

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Is there any reason to use the old kernel? I have already builded several versions on latest kernel versions and they all work great. And in the latest kernel I2S driver already supports up to 24 bit without any patches.

I updated nanopi(neo, neo2, air, plus2, 2black and cubietruck) images to current Volumio version + resolved certificate issue (marked as 2.916 version). link