Volumio 2 on Cubox - Crashing on first import

Just got the newly released Volumio 2 up and running on my Cubox-i4 Pro.

I have a Synology NAS and have had the old 1.5 version of Volumio running for a long while, using NFS sharing. There’s a large music library on it, >2TB. This worked fine with 1.5, aside from the known issues with the “library” views and large libraries. I’ve been looking forward to the Volumio 2 solutions for that!

However, with Volumio 2, the system regularly crashes on the initial scanning of my library via NFS - somewhere between 80-100 albums scanned, the system becomes unresponsive and crashes every time. I’ve tried both default NFS options (none), and the optimized set of options suggested here on the forums a long ways back (ro,noatime,noacl,soft,nolock,noexec) - neither works, same behavior.

I then tried CIFS - the scanning seems to get a lot farther, up to 200-something albums - but, it still crashes at some point before it completes the scanning.

The NAS is serving the CIFS share to a user that has read-only access, I can definitely mount the library and see the files (same with NFS mounting - the mount works, and I can see the files). It’s something in the scanning process that seems to be broken. I have tried access via command line and have had no trouble traversing the mounted directories and reading the files - until the system crashes that is.

The only solution after a crash is to unplug power.

Any one have similar problems?

seems to be related to https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-029-drops-connection-cubox-t5150.html where people are reporting similar behaviour?

Thanks Cees, I think what I’m seeing is very similar to that thread, it’s probably the same thing. I’ll keep an eye on that thread.

I should add for anyone reading that I’ve tried to do the plain vanilla NFS config that’s mentioned here:
volumio.github.io/docs/Good_to_ … Share.html

as well as a bunch of other stuff - doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.