Volumio 2 & Odroid C2

Hi guys

In couple sentences i try explain what is my goal with odroid C2 and what problems i have.

HW: ------------------------------

  1. Odroid C2

  2. 3.5 inch LCD Shield

  3. Original IR Remote Controller

  4. Audio GD nfb-11

  5. Optoma hd142x

So my purpose for C2 is create media player based on Volumio 2 with Kodi.

  • Volumio would be controlled by touchscreen kiosk (3.5 inch LCD Shield), web interface and IR Remote Controller, audio source samba share on my OMV NAS, USB DAC nfb-11.
  • Kodi would be running only over C2 HDMI port, controlled by same IR Remote Controller or mobile app, video/audio source samba share on my OMV NAS, USB DAC nfb-11 and HDMI connected to projector Optoma hd142x (on/off controlled by CEC,maybe)

My actual problems

  1. Volumio2: I dont see any files or folders on mounted samba share (secured samba share). Samba share accessible only with root via ssh.
  2. Volumio2: Kiosk mode run under root and Chromium dont like it (3.5 inch LCD Shield show only warning, and hdmi output is “black”)
  3. Volumio2: Looks like touch input not working on 3.5 inch LCD Shield
  4. Volumio2: Disable kiosk output on hdmi connector

Thanks for help