Volumio 2 - MultiRoom

I was hoping someone could write up a quick explanation on Multiroom in the volumio 2 interface.

Currently I can see my 2 volumio two instances in the menu, but I have no idea what the interface is trying to do.

I see if i click on one or the other I can access its settings.

But I have no idea how to share audio between them. I assume that is the goal here?

I am only currently using Volumio for streaming through airplay (I haven’t been able to get windows maps working), does multi-room only work on media?

It would also be nicer if the volumio interface actually showed that it was streaming, currently there is no feedback at all.

Volumio 2 sounds great though, keep up the good work

At the moment Multi-room only allows you to control other volumio devices on your network from the one interface.

However, multi-room is not finished yet and its abilities and features are going to be expanded.