Volumio 2 keeps scanning

Overall: A couple of years ago I was quite content with Volumio but lately I’m acutally not satisfied at all anymore about Volumio. I like the album covers and the new UI but that is not very important… :frowning: Not to mention I lost all my digital music because somehow the Verbatim USB flash drive 64 Gb gets corrupted by Raspberry Pi. I now use a Kingston 32Gb that stays stable. Yes I should have backed up my music…

Problem: When I add new music it takes a very long time befor I can play it. Volumio 2 doesn’t detect a lot of folders…With the first builds Volumio it took a couple of seconds, now it takes forever. Yesterday I updated to Volumio 2, but it has the same problem, while I dont have more albums like some 25. This morning I had a network problem…and had to disconnect the router for 15 minutes because I had no internet. The provider said my network was not OK…so one day after installing Volumio 2 :question:


  • Volumio 2 OS on Sandisk micro SD with Raspberry Pi version 2
  • Connection LAN network cable
  • Kingston flash drive USB 3 32 Gb Datatraveller 100 G3
  • Zyxel routerP2812
  • Fiber connection

Does anybody know what is causing this?

Actually I have a Raspberry Pi 3 at home too, havent used it yet, so I guess I’m gonna try that one.

Thanks so much in advance,

Bert, Netherlands

Which version of Volumio?

version 2.246 and before that version 1.55

Do you have files in the AIF format? In that case there is an open bug, due to be fixed in the upcoming version:

BTW, it seems unlikely to me that Volumio messed up your network or router.

No, I play flac - and wav files.

I’m trying Runeaudio now and it scans my library in a few seconds. But I miss Volumio because I also play music files from Volumio server with a tablet and blue tooth speaker.

Bummer! I just found out the music files are corrupted again! :cry: Some stop suddenly and other go way too fast all of a sudden, how is this possible?

Well I think I found the cause. The flash drive has lots of bad sectors :cry: It’s a Kingston Data Traveler 100 G3 which is according to Techradar the second best flash drive available…