Volumio 2 + Hifiberry = not booting

Hi friends,
i have no idea why but following problem i have.

First of all i used Volumio 1.55 on my Raspy 2 with Hifiberry DAC+ and all runs perfect.
But i wanted upgrading my system to Volumio 2 RC2.
I downloaded the last Image from the official side and flashed a new microSD Card with that.

But now my problem starts. After i took the microSD into my Raspberry Pi 2 with Hifiberry mounted and start up the System it doesn’t boot.
Only the red led light up and after a minute the green led gives me 8 flashes (SDRAM not recognised. You need newer bootcode.bin/start.elf firmware.)

If i unmount the Hifiberry DAC+ the Volumio 2 is booting but not with them installed. Why? As i say with Volumio 1.55 it run with Hifiberry installed.

Could somebody help me?

Can you make sure all the pins are good, everything is tightened down nicely, no shorts anywhere?

What happens if you boot with some other distribution (even 1.55) and with the HiFiberry? There should be no reason to prevent the boot on that config, as many people have it, and it works.

Yes it all connected like it has to be.
With 1.55 it runs out of the box like it’s now mounted. I only changed the Distribution.
I mean the system run several month with HiFiberry until Volumio 2 released. Then i only switched the distribution from 1.55 to 2 on the microSD Card.
Of curse after formatting the card.

Even raspbian runs out of the box with HiFiberry.

Thats why i’m worried :confused: All distributions run directly, but volumio 2 not…

What can i do to get it run? Maybe some files or config are wrong. I don’t know… I doesn’t changend anything after flashing the Image to microSD card.

Can nobody help me to get volumio 2 run with hifiberry dac+? :astonished:

I have exactly the same issue, 1.55 and Rasbian works fine but Volumio 2 (0.976) does not boot with Hifiberry connected.

RPi 2 B+

First, at first boot Volumio takes a bit longer since it creates the partitions scheme and some more stuff…

Could you please connect a screen and take a picture?

But IMHO, here what fails is the automatic i2s DAC recognition… So, do this:

  • Disconnect the hifiberry and see if it boots ok
  • If it does, go to platback options and select hifiberry, hit save. And then reboot
  • Now connect the hifiberry and see if that works…

Seems to work now, can only get it to work on a RPi 3 - RPi 2 has way too little memory

Getting the networking sorted on Volumio 2 is a wee bit of a pig - will create a new post for that

This is from Hifiberry support page and it worked for me

Since Linux Kernel 4.x, the Raspberry Pi firmware reads the content of the EEPROM and analyses it before booting the Linux kernel. In rare cases it happens that the content can’t be read and the system hangs with a rainbow screen. We haven’t exactly found out when this happens, but there is an easy workaround to fix this.

Unplug the HiFiBerry card, boot the system and add the line:


to /boot/config.txt (or wherever this file is located on the distributions you’re using).

Very nice hint! We’ll add to default config.txt