Volumio 2 does not scan a network share

Although it’s not the wisest thing to do for troubleshooting: I removed the album, where the scan stopped and corrected some permissions (chown -R 777). During the previous scans I saw, that volumio wasn’t able to access some albums.

This seemed to solve the problem. I managed to scan the entire music collection (275 artists) without errors.
I will try it again with NAS and the deleted album.

Same here !
A fresh install of 2.114 on a Rpi3 , a usb connected memory stick works but not my windows share , has indicated a scan for more than 24 hours now

A update from 2.06X to 2.114 on another Rpi3 works fine , but I don’t dare to provoke a new scan or a update on that unit

The scan is finished after 48 hours , the share is mounted , I can see files and directories in /mnt/NAS/XXX
but nothing in Volumio

Has this issue been figured out? I did not/do not have it in 2.141. But it does occur in 2.201. Used both to scan the same drive today.

There are several different problems in this old thread. Would you mind opening a new one with all the details for your device, Volumio version and the exact problem you are encountering please?


I’m facing exactly the same problem.
Volumio was doing fine since many weeks. Last update 3 days before the issue raised.
Suddenly, no scan was possible.

Same lines in journalctf :

Nov 18 19:12:16 volumio volumio[898]: info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: mpd , getMyCollectionStats