Volumio 2, Beta3: play queue only accepts 1 entry


I’ve just noticed that if I try to add another WebRadio or music file from USB to the play queue, it never adds - there is only the current playing song. However, I see the popup (in green) saying that the item was added.

My install is: System version: 0.836 Released: Tue Feb 23 22:29:19 CET 2016
Running on Rpi Model B.


Honestly I can’t really see the difference from the current version 1.55, few beta came out beside a later version raspbian, can’t test dac support, can’t add network location.

By the sound quality, it will not have a big difference, it all depends on the sound chip spec, beagle one version will not come in a short while, so mostly importantly will be feature added and ease for operation.

That’s why I say can’t see much difference, correct me if I m wrong

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Hi , I’m not sure what’s the link between your comment and this post title? H