Volumio 2 and DSD ........ or whatever makes it play


I’m relatively new to the whole Raspberry Pi Audio_System - so please don’t beat me if I ask silly questions :blush:

I got a Pi3 and bought the HiFiBerry DAC + Pro to start with. Tried most of the available Players and decided at the end to go with Volumio, as it turns out to be the most stable system for me. But as I don’t like to run it over a web interface, I went for the OpenHome/UPNP road.

On my NAS I’m running Minimserver and Bubble UPNP Server.

On my tablet, I got BubbleUPNP and so far, it’s all running well (a bit slow between tracks) and it plays 192kHz files.
As I have a lot of DSD files here, I tired it…no expecting to hear sound. But surprise, surprise, it plays.

As I only have the HiFiBerry + pro, I cannot check what sample rate it is actually playing. Bubble shows DSD format and I did not enable conversion on the Bubble server. Hopefully next week, I will get the HifiBerry Digi + and check on my D/A

Does somebody have an idea how the transcoding is done and how I can select the sampling frequency of the output?

Thanks in advance! I really like the software and the stability :smiley:

Best regards

Karl-Heinz Fink

If I remember well there is a Foobar 2000 plug in to convert DSD in PCM. Take a look on the web.

…it is playing DSD already, so no need for another module

I just need to know what is happening behind the curtain. On my main system, I use a MUTEC re_clocker to convert DSD and that one works best with 176kHz and not with 192kHz. That’s something I would like to know :smiley:

But thanks for your advice.