Volumio 2 (and 3) empty album through artist's page

I am making a music player for my father who has a huge collection of mp3s. At the moment the system is based on Volumio 2 (because of the Nanosound CD plugin), but I get the same error on 3.

When I list the songs of an artists Volumio also lists the albums where their songs can be found. However, when I click on an album it gives me an empty album page without any songs. Everything works when I open the album through the “Albums” submenu.

Now, most of the albums contain several artists, so I added “Various Artists” tags to the mp3s’ “Album Artist” tags and I switched the “Sort Artist By” setting in Volumio to “artist”. IF I leave the settings on “albumartist” everything works (but then I will have nearly as many albums as artists).

Volumio version: 2.917

Any help is greatly appreciated!

This is what I get when I click on the album (Kabaré CD1).

album page

Sorry to bring it up. Any chance that this will be resolved in a later version? It also seems that I am not the only one with this error: Can’t navigate from artist to compilation album - Help and Support - Volumio.