Volumio 2.873 interrupts frequently

Hi there,
I´m using the Volumio on my pi 4 latest version 2.873 via wifi. It is connected via the pi headphone-jack to my stereo. It works just fine so far.
But when playing internet radio or Spotify after a while it interrupts for a few seconds every few minutes, which is quite annoying. When playing Spotify I have to start it again each time.
I tried to increase the buffer size from 2 MB to 12 MB without any change.
Any ideas how to fix this?

I think that I would start problem solving by using (if possible) a wired ethernet connection.

Since there is no wired ethernet close to the stereo this is unfortunately not possible.

OK, but it seems to me that wifi reception might well be the problem. This should be ruled out as a first step. Can you temporarily relocate your RPi4 to test? Other than that, you might generate a system log Sending logs for troubleshooting - Volumio Documentation
but I don’t think this will pick up such problems.

I tried the Volumio at a different location with wired ethernet, it worked fine. I tried it at the different location with wifi, it also worked fine. My recent guess is that the charger I used (1,8 A) might be to weak. At the moment I’m trying the Volumio at the initial position via wifi but with a stronger charger. Wish me luck.

Up to now it works fine. Guess the charger was causing the problem.