Volumio 2.861 not playing well with Qobuz

@fanciulli, I have uploaded the log:

I mostly just left Volumio to play a few albums and didn’t monitor it too closely. But I did see it skip songs at least a couple of times. I am interested in knowing your feedback.


Hello @Aylarja,

from an initial analysis of your log i see that from the scheduling on the song to the effective playback you have a constant 6 seconds of delay. Can you exclude any kind of network related delays due to something like a proxy, firewall etc?

@fanciulli, I don’t use a proxy, and the only firewall is the standard one built into my router. I checked its logs and see no evidence of anything being blocked while I’m playing Qobuz from Volumio. For reference, if I play Qobuz directly from the Qobuz app on either my desktop computer or a mobile device, there is no lag whatsoever - one song plays immediately after the previous one ends, and no song-skipping, either.

If there is something else that I might check, please let me know. Thanks.

@fanciulli, do you have any further questions or guidance? Or any other possibilities on the six-second delay? Thanks.

Hello @Aylarja,

Not at the moment. I’m still investigating the issue.
Sorry for the delay

Volumio 2.861

Very often now I’ll start up RPi and Volumio and Qobuz will not be there under Home - just Favourites and Music library showing.
Note, I don’t currently use Spotify.

I check sources - no Qobuz showing.
I check my account login. Yup I’m signed in and it’s showing Virtuoso.

After a fair bit of messing about, I realised;

I have to logout and log back in again.
Volumio will do it’s search circular dots thing and then Qobuz will be accessable.

I’ve had to do this pretty much every time after RPi has been shutdown and powered up the past week!
I always shutdown in Volumio.

Would be great with a fix to this.

Hello @Aylarja,

in the test channel there’s a new version with added telemetry to better check you issue. Could you please update to that version and replicate the issue? Wen done, please send me the log file.
Thank you.

@fanciulli, I updated Volumio to the latest version, and then generated a new log file: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/gIljY5W.html.

This is probably nothing but normal behavior, although I haven’t noticed it before: when in the DEV console for Volumio, in the section titled “Player State”, there is a value labeled “seek” that is continuously increasing, even when the player isn’t playing. Assuming this is normal, I am curious about its purpose.

Please let me know if you have further questions or observations about my log file. I appreciate your help.