Volumio 2.698 Airplay Issue

I’ve been using Odroid C0 + Hifi Shield 2 with hardware volume control.
Volumio was all magical and making my music listening life a better one, until I updated it from 2.672 to 2.698 recently.
Airplay started giving this crackling, constant break-up noise. It was like the audio was torn into thousand pieces and put back together with thousand seams. Probably if I had tried 2.692 before this, I would have encountered this issue earlier.

After a lot of catching up with https://github.com/mikebrady/shairport-sync/blob/master/man/shairport-sync.html and trying various buffers and timing settings, i’ve solved the problem. It was the bit depth. Just so anyone having the same problem know, here’s how:

nano /tmp/shairport-sync.conf

and edit the alsa section

alsa = { output_device = "plughw:1,0"; output_format = "S24"; use_precision_timing = "auto"; };

Audio bit depth of S32 doesn’t work here.