Volumio + 2.42" OLED + PSU in one aluminium case

This looks very very nice :slight_smile: like series one…

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So it’s time for another update on this one. Not only that I had to re-upload all the images since the previous hoster closed but also due to some minor modifications.

I stayed with Volumio version 2 quite long as I had a try with v3 before but couldn’t get pydPiper reliably to work. Now I had another try and went with MPD_OLED instead. There was some trial and error related to it since I use an SSD1309 display. Whoever is interested can read from here:

The switch to MPD_OLED also allowed me to rewire the display as the plugin also supports a reset pin. The previous solution with the capacitor and resistor worked quite well but not fully stable. In some rare cases the display would crash with a static white noise image as soon I powered it on. I would have to power it off, wait a couple of minutes and then turn it back on. With the reset pin managed by MPD_OLED this didn’t happen so far.

I also got a micro SD extension cable that easily allows me access to the card. Before I had to change it with some pliers as Kali is bigger than the Pi on that side so you couldn’t reach the card with your fingers.

Now I’m up to date again!

(The display is actually white but the camera turned it blue)

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