Volumio 2.201 very instable

I’ve downloaded volumio-2.201-2017-06-13-pi.img and I’m sorry to say this, but it does not work well.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with a Hifiberry Digi+ extension board.
I’ve changed DAC to Hifiberry Digi, restarted and heard the welcome sound, so the sound path works at least. So far so good.

Hardware volume does not work with my hardware (as of my experience from Volumio 1), so I need to select the software mixer to allow volume changes.
I’ve changed to software mixer and saved the setting. Volumio informs about that the mixer has been restarted.
But always when I click (in the playback tab) on a volume less then 100 it jumps back to 100 after some seconds.
After restart the software mixer setting is gone - back to default.

When I didn’t have any USB-Drive or mounted NAS drive, I clicked on library and it didn’t show up. Then clicked on Settings->Network and it didn’t show up either. Had to restart.

Mounting a folder on my NAS drive (WD MyCloud) does not work using NFS.
Sometimes Settings->Network did not show up.
After mounting a folder on my NAS drive, volumio tries to update the music library. It seems so busy or crashed that after some 15-30 seconds the UI is disconnected and in waiting state (round circles moving in the middle).
I had this behaviour also sometimes just clicking around in the menu.
So it’s not stable for me and at the current state not usable at all. It’s a pity. :frowning:

I had running volumio 1 on this hardware and it was running relatively well. Also had some crashes, e.g. Airplay stopped working sometimes, but it was far more stable.

Is there anybody experiencing the same problems or has somebody and idea what could help?

The software volume is very problematic and its currently our weakest point.

Thanks for your feedback

I just updated to 2.201 (through GUI) and restarted my RPi 3 with 501HTA. Since the update, Airplay and Spotify do not work anymore. I was fairly happy with ver. 2.185 although Spotify playlist was sporadic (my only complaint of 2.185). But, this new version does not work for me. Should I reflash my SD card? Is there a way that I can roll back to 2.185 from 2.201?



Please try this:
system -> delete user data

Let me know how it goes

Thanks for reply michelangelo,
I’ve deleted the user data. After that I saw the throbber/pinwheel forever and after some time I’ve pulled the plug and rebooted.
It didn’t change much though.
As a first workaround I try to stay without volume control and use the good old infrared remote control of my amp.

Some other strange thing about icons:
I managed to add my NAS folder using CFS, because NFS doesn’t work.
I’m currently updating the library. Regarding the “Browse - Playback - Queue” tabs at the bottom: “Browse” shows a turning circle with 2 arrows, but “Playback” and “Queue” both show a broken image symbol. Refresh -> remains the same.
This picture seems not to be shown: … lected.svg
(sorry, don’t have a link for the Queue symbol)
I tried later again, now it does not show any pictures in front of “Playback” and “Queue”, just the text.

I’ve got the icon effect again now and the queue symbol the browser does not show is: … lected.svg

“System >> Delete User Data” works for my 503HTA issues with Spotify and Airplay. Thanks!