Volumio 2.201 unusable with Hifiberry AMP+

After upgrading to Volume 2.201 the AMP+ can’t be used anymore. Usually it is not recognised as installed or the mixer is not available. After reactivating the AMP+ in the interface and rebooting the Raspberry Pi 2 the sound card is uncontrollable at maximum volume with distortion. Volumio cannot initialize the AMP+ correctly. Any ideas what to do?

I have the same sort of issue with a pHAT DAC running on a rPi0. The volume control in the GUI works (I can set a volume level) but the output is not changed. Sound output level is constant and not changed. The issue seems related to the AMP+ issue. Any ideas?

There is currently an issue with software volume mixer in Raspberry PI version inferior to 3, we’re working to solve the issue. Sorry about that