Volumio 2.129 not running on my udoo

Hello all,
today I tried updating my Volumio Quad 2.118 to 2.129.
The automatic update in 2.118 didnt work, so I wrote a new image on a new sd card.
Neither volumio.local nor the volumio web app can find my udoo.
The download from 2.118 took about 6 minutes. the download from 2.129 approx 20 minutes. is that correct?
Is there a problem with 2.129 already known?
Thanks in advance, Thomas

I wanted to write: I try to update Volumio on my Udoo Quad…


Image 2.129 is incomplete and does not work. I already reported it couple of weeks ago.

A new image 2.132 was build, here below the link:

updates.volumio.org/udooqdl/volu … dl.img.zip

I’m using it and is working perfectly

…great, thanks

Is there a Image for the pi to?
Ich have many Problems to…
Thank you

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Hi, you may get better response when opening a separate topic for your issue, as people are just going to read “udoo” in the title and skip to the next topic because they don’t have one.
This was a specific problem for udoo that occurred during build of the image and made it incomplete.