Volumio 2 (0979) and AssetUPNP on same Pi2

I was previously running the latest premium edition of Asset UPNP on Volumio 1.5 so that the Pi acted as both local player (HiFi Berry DACplus) and a home networked music server through various renderer/players and control points.
miniDLNA/MPD server had problems with the library size and the Asset didnt , while Volumio even without the music library did the job when controlled with BubbleUPNP on phones and tablets. Hence my choice on this set up.
A recent action to update Asset, whilst initially successful, has resulted in my need to build the server again and now I can get Volumio and Asset installed but I am unable enable Asset to load on boot automatically.
The issue starts when I follow instructions on using chrontab to achieve this and find I have Volumio 2 on my new install and no chrontab.
Is there a solution to this or will I have to start my build on a copy of Volumio 1.5 again?