Volumio 2.041: Maximum No of Songs?

This is my first post and I would like to say thanks to all the people supporting the development of Volumio :smiley:

Including assembly of the Rpi3 +Dac it took me less than one our to get the music player running with about 2000 songs on a UB Stick.

It’s a fantastic peace of software and the sound quality (RPi 3 + Hifiberry Dac+Pro) plugged into the analogue line in of my Linn MajikDSM is great!

I have now attached a external harddisk with about 75.000 songs (abt 850 GB, mostly AAC and MP3 but also a couple of thousand lossless files) , the scanning took about 70 minutes but access via the web UI is working quite well!

However I have noted that a search doesn’t always return all relevant entries, e.g. a search for “Sting” does return about 50 results but no reference to the Artist “Sting” although I have various Sting albums on the disk.

Is there any size restriction (number of files or similar) for Volumio handling large music libraries?

Pleased to hear