volumio 2.041 doesn't start up after rpi-update

Hey, I’ve noticed volumio by default runs an old RPI kernel, it doesn’t contain the driver of a sound card I’m interested in trying volumio with, so I ran the following commands to update the kernel:

sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install binutils sudo rpi-update sync sudo reboot

After rebooting, I can no longer ssh or ping the RPI… I used the following build to flash the SD card: volumio-2.041-2016-12-12-pi.img

How to properly update the kernel?

Also how often does volumio update the bundled kernel version?

The short answer is don’t update the kernel (or generally). Volumio is an optimised distro based on Raspbian: this means that the latest versions of packages will not always ‘play nicely’ together. Update your installation via the Volumio UI.

As far as the driver is concerned, put in a request at https://github.com/volumio/Volumio2/issues.