Volumio 2.001 - doesn't seem to run properly


Recently I tried updating the firmware on my RPI Model B Rev 2 from 1.55 to 2.001 but It doesn’t seem to run properly.

It takes a long time to boot, and when it does show up on my network scanner, only the USB folder is displayed without the HTTP service, so I cannot access volumio. Occasionally the HTTP service will appear after a reboot (and a long wait) but when volumio is accessed it seems to drop out.

The attached USB is a 2TB seagate HDD which it reports as empty but it does have music files on it.

I reverted back to the 1.55 firmware and everything is working perfectly again.

I tried upgrading to some of the pre release 2.00 versions a while ago but got the same result as I am getting now with the 2.001.
I’m running windows 7 on my home PC if that is any help.

Can anyone advise on the problem?

Thanks in advance.