Volumio 1.55+

Hey all -

Having free time during the holidays has lead me to make a lot of changes to Volumio 1.55. See previous post here: https://volumio.org/forum/new-for-volumio-t3697-10.html where I talk about some of the changes I made with a screenshot example.

Some new updates:

  • Now using PHP framework Laravel Lumen
  • Using vuejs routes
  • Browserify
  • Upgraded bootstrap and jquery
  • Added Pandora
  • Added desktop notifications
  • Added Spotify web api

Also, these new changes are going to be in this repo instead: https://github.com/jrenton/volumio

As opposed to my previous post, this is a much larger shift, and more things are broken while I am developing and I still need to convert all of the settings type pages. Also, if you were to make this change, you would need to install pianod, upgrade php, install 2 extensions for php, and add a couple more processes to your startup, so it is definitely not a git clone away.

Long story short, I’ll probably just make my own IMG file to distribute once I am done tinkering.

PS I would really like to get the Volumio slack channel going (https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-slack-channel-t3711.html), as I would love to collaborate and spread ideas more quickly, so if you are interested, message me your email so I can invite you!

The problem with slack is that we need to message you for an invite…

LOL amazing a Sunday DIY’er gets more done on Volumio than the dedicated team.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Can you offer some insight into what you did to get Pandora going? I’ve been wondering about trying to do that, but I’m probably on my own in terms of making it happen since I made the mistake of getting a Utilite to run Volumio, and that’s never worked properly out of the box. Pianod with the web interface reskinned and incorporated into the volumio UI?

Looking forward to installing this new version when the img will be ready. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Yes, you basically just install it:

sudo apt-get install libao-dev libgcrypt11-dev libgnutls-dev libjson0 libjson0-dev libfaad-dev libmad0-dev sudo apt-get install libjson0 libjson0-dev wget http://deviousfish.com/Downloads/pianod/pianod-latest.tar.gz tar -zxvf pianod-latest.tar.gz cd pianod-175 ./configure && make sudo make install cd contrib cp startscript-example /usr/local/etc/pianod.startscript vi /usr/local/etc/pianod.startscript #make changes to reflect your pandora account vi /usr/share/alsa/alsa.conf #replace "pcm.front cards.pcm.front" with "pcm.front cards.pcm.default" #start the service with the following command sudo pianod -n root (root can control audio device)

And then it is used exactly like mpd/spop except on tcp port 4445.

Well, about that, every developer is a sunday DIY’er. There dedicated to make volumio 2, a complete rework

The official releases need to bring an out-of-box experience, users should not need to manually install core functionality.

I’m not saying socketman isn’t doing a great job, because he is doing a great job. I’m just saying there are other expectations for volumio 2 and every one works on volumio in their free time.

I did say later in my post that I am going to offer it as an IMG file, but I just wanted to update my progress and let people know they could, if they wanted to, do the upgrade process :slight_smile:


Ah - so it’s not really incorporated into Volumio then, but running as a separate application on the same box… got it.

My hope is to someday have “Pandora” in the library list with “USB,” “WEBRADIO,” and whatever else… perchance to dream.

Yes that is how I have it set up

This has just landed in my to do list… Should not be that difficult to integrate! Good work!

If someone wants to help in the meanwhile and start developing (guided by me) the pandora plugin for Volumio2, feel free to send me a PM!

That’s the part I haven’t gotten to - there’s more to it than just the pianod install – it’s also changes to the UI.

If you need to do any development, my advice is don’t do this for 1.55 since it won’t get any updates… but if you want, we can add this to Volumio2

Hello to all,

sorry for my bad English. There is an IMG of this version ready or a guide to upgrade to this?

Thank you, from a newbie.

  1. Will volumio 2 be released for the Utilite?
  2. If so, will it have the kernel that allows it to do USB storage? All releases to date have require manual updating of the kernel to get USB working, and it’s a huge headache when a newer kernel was released by Compulab a long time ago.

1- Yes
2- Yes
3- Want to help developing the build script for the utilite?

Unfortunately, I don’t have the competency to do it. I can fiddle with systems to a point, but I’m a terrible/incompetent scripter/coder.

My work with the Utilite was primarily taking the existing Volumio img, which was built on a very, very old Compulab kernel, and upgrading the kernel in-place with a newer one supplied by Compulab. The only thing that got me was USB, but that was what I wanted from it.