Volumio 1.55 NFS mount points

I have Volumio 1.4 running with NFS mounts. I found this worked better in my system.

I have A Rasberry Pi B+ plus IQAudio Dac + which I haven’t managed to get working satisfactorily.

I’ve loaded Volumio 1.55 and set about configuring it.

When I tried to create an NFS mount, I saw an error the the mount point didn’t exist, now when I try to go back, after a reboot, the Library menu does not respond at all.

[Edit] The error is “mount.nfs: mount point /mnt/NAS/Classical does not exist”. Since Classical is what I wanted the library to be called, it seems to be that the mount point simply hasn’t been created for some reason.

I’ve tried switching to CIFS/SMB and deleting the mount but that doesn’t work - I’m guessing because in both cases it is trying to delete a non-existent mount point.

I have fixed this.

Start telnet session and login
cd /mnt
ls reveals only UPNP and USB directories
mkdir NAS
chmod 777 NAS

Now I can create nfs mounts.

Had this same issue for my NFS mounts. Thanks for the post.

What did you SSH in as? root or pi?

There is already a NAS folder on mine but the owner is pi

Dang in hell! Tks Terry.

The Dev must have forgotten to make the directory!

ssh in as pi with password raspberry, then “sudo su” will take you straight into root mode wihtout asking for a password. chmod 777 will set full permissions to all so no need to change the owner of the directory.