Volumio 1.55 Hangs Connecting to Windows 7 Library

I am elevating this from a request for help [Volumio hangs on Connecting], to a bug report, since there has been no help posted to the help thread in over a week. My configuration: Volumio1.55 running on a Raspberry Pi B+/HiFiBerry DAC+

My music library is stored on a Windows 7 box on my network running Windows Media Server (WMS) to handle the DLNA. I can access that library using WMS on other Window 7 computers on my local network.

I flash the RPiB+ memory card with Volumio system and configure the network. Volumio then shows up in the WMS’s on the Windows box – all of them on the network in fact – as a media device with the “Play to” option. I can stream music to it from those Windows boxes on my network. The sound is great and all is well. Looks like UpMpd and the hardware as well my network configuration all works fine.

But when I tell Volumio about the location of my music library using the Library page of its webGUI the “Connecting” message with the two tail-chasing arrows grays out the Volumio Library setup page, and nothing works from that point on, even after I reboot the RPi.

Volumio disappears from the Network display and the option to “Play to” Volumio in WMS on every windows box disappears, too. It’s like my RPi network interface is hung…

After that I can only reflash and reconfigure to do anything.

This is very frustrating! Anybody using a music library on a Windows 7 box from volumio? What version?

When Volumio “disappears” from your network, can you connect to it via ssh ? From a windows machine, you can use PUTTY (maybe there is a other tool in win) http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html to connect (you have to have the ip adress).
Once here, check if player is working : ps -axl | grep player and if no try sudo sudo /var/www/command/player_wdog.sh & .

Thanks for your quick response!

When I said Volumio “dissappears” from the network I meant that it is no longer visible in Windows Explorer under Network > Media Devices. It still shows up in Windows Explorer under Network > Computer.

I have Cygwin and XTerm installed on the server and I’m familiar with ssh. I proceed as you advise:

and login with password volumio. The response is

ps ps’ing and moaning about the "-’ as usual. Then it shows me that the “player_wdog.sh startup” command you requested I issue is already running – though I have not yet issued it – as is the “grep player”

No other process with “player” in its invocation is currently running.

Is “player_wdog.sh startup” the “player” you asked about? If so, the answer to your question is “yes.” If not, then it’s “no.”

Suggestions? And thanks again!

I issue the command anyway and begin to receive numerous copies of the same response:

Could check if the “NAS” directory is existing in /mnt ?
If no, recreate it sudo mkdir /mnt/NAS and see what happend…

It exists, but it’s empty:

Thanks! What now?