Volumio 1.5 + HIFIBERRY DIGI+ Resampling 44.1Khz to 96kHz

How to enable re sampling function to improve sound bandwidth quality from 44.1kHz upto 96KHz?

I have configures Volumio 1.5 with Raspberry PI B+ and sound by HIFIBERRY DIGI+, Through SPDIF.
I2S driver was configured as HIFIBERRY + and the sound through SPDIF to My Onkyo is perfect.

But Just looking the way to improve clarity and enhance bandwidth with resampling mode.
How can I do that?

Please advise


Trying to add sample data that isn’t in the source can only result in a less ‘true’ reproduction.

Your re-sample (or up-sample) would require Volumio/MPD to ‘guess’ what data it should add to the samples. I doubt that it could interpret the music and add the data as the musicans ment it…

In the end, I doubt that the music will sound better.

Both Coaxial as TosLink use SPDIF as transport. So not sure which one you use to connect.

The TosLink (using the optical fiber connection) is not sensitive to interference, but on both ends (DAC and Onkyo) signals are converted from/to optical.

The Coax does not use any signal conversion (so less change on any signal noise) but needs a proper cable to be shielded from any interference.

Also, Toslink is limited to 24/96 while Coax can support up to 24/192 signals. But this offcourse needs to be supported on both ends [WINKING FACE]

I prefer Coax.

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