Volumio 1.5 and future development

Dear Guys,
this update is meant to let you know what is happening behind the curtains these days. There is lot going on, even if I cannot update you regularly.
Here are the main things:

  • With Jotak and Ning-yu joining dev-team we are now proceeding in a big rework of Volumio. We’ll refactor it swapping current PHP backbone with NodeJS which will ensure better performance, code maintainability and expansions. The process will be quite long, but it will be definetely worth it.

  • Volumio website is going trough a redesign as well. Ensuring better information retrieval and a more polished look. I saw a great incrase of visits per day (5k uniques, 20k pageviews daily). This work is meant to improve page speed and keep up with increasing demand.

  • Volumio forum is going to be powered by Xen Foro, in place of current phpbb (which is an awesome free product, but quite a pain in the ass to customize). Let me know if you agree with this choice or if you have other reccomendations (sorry, won’t use discourse…)

  • Volumio 1.5 version for non-Pi platforms is ready. I’m stuck with a bug regarding spop (spotify daemon) which dosn’t allow output device selection. I’m working round the clock to solve this issue and be able to release. I’ll update you on that.

Let me know your thoughts and if you think there are other aspects which deserve attention. :wink:

Hey Michelangelo,

How about support for the Wolfson card built in?


Hi George,
I’m waiting for them to be included in Mainline kernel… This is the only way we can ensure it to work flawlessly…
However, if it doesn’t come soon, I will include it.

Bug fixed! Ready to deploy! Heat your SD Cards sirs…

oh YES! :smiley:

Thank you for all this work Michelangelo :slight_smile:


my sd card is already melting hahah

Just tried to download it but can’t open the zip file

:smiley: Lol I’m still uploading! (20 minutes and you’re good to go)

Thought so… Was impatient to try. Will releases for the other platforms follow?

Michelangelo is uploading Volumio 1.5 for non-Pi platforms… (Udoo Quad etc.).

Yep, my sunday will be all about releases… You can go now!

Thanks !

Thank you!

Where we can get it from? I just downloaded 1.4 for Udoo from ‘Download’ section.

UDOO release not ready yet, preparing it now…

No worries! that’s great.
I will donate some golden coins next week :slight_smile:.

Ehehehe Thank you, but no need to donate again! I do really appreciate you as an active member of this community!

Done… Testing and then Uploading… Next one: Cubietruck or Compulab Utilite…

Hi michelanglelo,

Regarding the the Utilite, I have some questions…
Can I play the music files in the SSD of Ultilite Pro ?
How can I transfer the file into SSD through Volumio?
Plan to get an Ultilite Pro for Volumio to replace the raspberry pi after saw your update… :blush: