Volumio 1.4 w Cubox-i - mount NAS


in the Web UI of Volumio.local,

I could not mount my dlink NAS drive.

It is on The music directory is “music_files”.

On my mac that is connected to the NAS, I get this info:
Type: smbfs
Mount Point: /Volumes/Volume_1
Mounted From: //GUEST:@nas1._smb._tcp.local/Volume_1.

How do I translate this info to type into Volumio web UI so that my NAS can be mounted?

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.


connect with putty to your cubox in ssh and mounts your nas with.

Thanks! I am unfamiliar with linux or Unix programming codes. Your advice probably works. I think it involves connecting the cubox-i to a windows based PC using a physical link, installing puTTY and entering commands in the cubox-i to mount the NAS. But I don’t know how to do it. I am more of an audio enthusiast trying to use Volumio, unfortunately for me I am not a hobbyist with programming knowledge.