Volumio 0.979 and Pi-DigiAMP+ on Raspberry Pi

Hello friends!

Need some help. Bought IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ HAT and aim to run on a Raspberry Pi.

When I first “burn” image on Micro SD and boot it works great. It can works for hours, as much as I want, no problem on here.
I start having problems on the next boots. Randomly it works a second time.
Since that second or third boot I have no sound coming from audio speakers.
Sometimes I detect that audio is redirected to audio jack (wrong!) and sometimes it shows IQaudIO. Even in that situation I got no sound at all…
What I have already done:
The most important, when I use only the R Pi for Volumio I don´t get any problem
I have 2 HATS and 3 R Pi. I have tried all combinations. If I use those R Pi for any other flavor of Linux I have no issues.
I have several micro SD 8/16 and 32 Gb sticks, all class 10 and new (I´ve bought them from different brands, all first class rated) and had made several combinations, so, I don´t think a defective micro SD is the problem.
What I do think is that I´m missing something but I´m empty of clues.

Hope someone can help me, please…


Let´s see the touch of God!
Will report later…


So far so good. I had no problem at all (without Spotify as requested) but I miss a lot the Spotify feature.
If you need more beta testing (I mean beta) count on me.
Just PM me. I´m a beta tester for several programs and I´d like to help Volumio as well.



Thank you very much!!
Don’t worry, spotify will come soon .

I’ll let you know via PM!


Is it safe to run Spotify on the 2.0 version issued today?

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Michelangelo for President!

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