Volumino is mixing up titles from different artists if the album title is identical

I run into a strange bug with the Volumino (via Android App). I have AlbumTitles called Passed Masters CD2 with Artist The Beatles and also The Rolling Stones. If I search for Rolling Stones it shows me this group correctly. If I click the Rolling Stones Past Masters CD2 it shows and plays the track from the Beatles Album with the same Album Title but never the correct ones from the stones (reproducable). This bug is only if I use the Volumino Library. If I do the same with the Mediaserver everything is correct. So it must be a bug with the Volumino Indexing I guess. Please check and let me know if there is an update available.
Thanks in advance.
Peter Seifert

This has been discussed previously

Ok sorry, I am new to this forum.

But does anybody know how that bug can be solved on the Volumino Primo Hardware with the Debian operating system. I made a firmware update before reporting this but it is still unsolved.