Volumino + Hummingboard


does anyone try to install Volumino on a Hummingboard? (clone of RPI, from SolidRun (who made the cubox) , same size, same layout, with an coaxial spdif solid-run.com/products/hummingboard/ )

Does anyone have try the Hummingboard? What about the sound quality?



I have got me the smallest one, the i1. Volumio for Cubox-i is not working, it hangs up on booting.
I took the Image from this site typingoutloud.org/raspberry-pi-i … io-pibang/
Do not forget to create an User volumio with root privilegies.

What is not working: Mounting USB Medias, WebRadio and no acces to Menu “System”. Airplay and UPNP

Playing Music fromNAS works like a charme. Im am using SPDIF out and an external DAC.


I also tried Volumio on my Hummingboard i2. Got it working with only internet radio. When I tried to attach a USB- drive, I got a kernel panic as soon as I tried to update the MPD database. And I am not the only one, regarding this forum.
Now I’ve switched to Squeezebox on Arch Linux. solid-run.com/community/topic1458.html. Works like a charm. The interface of Volume is more what I like, so hopefully the cubox-i version will be updated soon.

Any success yet combining Hummingboard with Volumio?
This looks like an interesting combination and I would prefer it over the Cubox-i because I will build an enclosure for the board+DAC+psu anyway.

Latest 1.5 version is compatible with Hummingboard :wink:

BTW, name is VOLUMIO

That is great to hear! I am really enjoying the user experience of Volumio on my RPi a lot but am thinking about switching my RPi for a hummingboard. Are all 3 models supported in v1.5?

it seems to be : volumio.org/volumio-audiophile-m … eaglebone/ “All Cubox-i variants and Hummingboard supported.”
…but i would also appreciate an explicit confirmation on Hummingboard-i1

Ciao Michelangelo,
1st of all, huge thanks to you and your team for this massive, FREE and beautiful work :astonished:

Hummingboard-i1 has very similar costs to RPi + I2S-to-SPDIF HAT board,
a little more powerful CPU and smaller dimensions (since HAT board is not required, concerning SPDIF output which i’m interested on)
i read your enthusiastic feedback ( volumio.org/volumio-cubox-i-released/ ) about iMX6 musical performances,
You were talking about Cubox-i , can you apply this positive feedback also into Hummingboard-i1 ?
or maybe something like “i can’t state this for sure because i didn’t audio-tested this exact board, but i would expect this slight superiority”…

Thanks for your feedback, and again for your enormous job :slight_smile:

Hi all,
since a few weeks i run Volumio on on Hummingboard.
I own both the basic and pro-carriers and one microSOM-module: the i2ex. Dualcore and 1MB L2-cache.
I like it much, sounds better than RPi. Possible explanation:

  • Hummingboard doesn’t share USB and Ethernet on one bus,
  • I think the large L2-cache contributes much to sound quality.

I have best results with the basic carrier (no IR, no audio codec, no wifi, no etc). Cost is 3 times RPi but no regrets at all, very happy!
If you purchase, look in the mix-match section of the solid-run site and pick basic carrier combined with the i2ex MicroSOM.

I use dedicated and modded NAS because of better SQ (above SATA) in the former setup (mini iTX and mpdPup). If i get to it i will test the Pro-carrier with sata ssd connected.

My system: Dedicated & modded NAS -> Hummingboard basic/i2ex -> WaveIO usb-spdif -> Chord Hugo -> Arcam A90 ->PMC-OB1 -> my ears & brain (all very subjective)

best regards Douwe

I’ve been running Volumio 1.5 with HummingBoard for a few weeks now, connected via USB 2.0 to Arcam IRDAC. It sounds great. Except for the Pi-2, all my raspberry pis (tested with both B and B+) produce occasional pops in the audio due to USB problems (even with latest firmware/kernel as of Feb-26-2015). My HummingBoard with the exact same setup produces no such pops.