volume - way too low

using volumio as both an airplay device and a direct play device through the web. i have it connected to a pair of computer speakers using the 3.5mm, no additional equipment.

it seems that no matter what volume i physically set the speakers to, i can’t seem to get any audio between 0-50, and all of the sound is compressed between volumes of 50-100 (estimated). are there any fixes for this?

I have the same problem. Can anyone help on this.

I am running Volumio 1.41 on a Raspberry B+, going to a Aune T1 DAC.

yep, me too -

running 1.55 on a raspberry connected to an amp via terratec aureon usb soundcard

Using the standard 3.5mm audio jack is not a good idea.

The signal output levels are very low (read http://www.crazy-audio.com/2014/07/sound-quality-of-the-raspberry-pi-b/).

You could use a phono preamp to increase the signal levels but that is also increasing a bad signal to become worse.

Easiest (and probably evenly expensive as buying a phono preamp), best way is to hookup a small device on the I2S interface of the Pi that is able to generate a good signal. This could be an analog signal using a I2S DAC or a digital signal using something like a Hifiberry Digi(+). Both type signals need to go into a proper amplifier to drive your speakers.

Or you can take a look at http://iqaudio.com/ for other options.