Volume issue with airplay. V2 with USB dac

Hi. I have recently upgraded my rpi2 (with usb dac) to volumio 2 and really like the new system!

Everything works great, except there seems to be a massive difference in volume between volumio sources and airplay.

I listen to audio files streamed from a nas and web radio streams which are all very loud… I can adjust the volume on the GUI to around 3 to get it to a comfortable level, but then anything I listen to over airplay from my iPad is far too quiet, even with the iPad volume at Max.

This isn’t a massive issue but I never had this with the previous version of volumio.

Is there anything that can be adjusted to bring the volumes more in line? Any advice will be very appreciated!

Thanks again for your efforts on this fantastic system! :smiley:

Similar problem here.

I am using a nice USB DAC with software-controlled hardware volume.
Sound is top notch when playing files through Volumio.

Now on the AirPlay side, when adjusting the volume on the AirPlay source (e.g. an iPad), this doesn’t change the volume on Volumio.
It reduces the volume on the AirPlay source before being send through AirPlay.
Which is awful because it is purely digital volume (it reduces the number of bits the audio is encoded in).

I believe there is some change to be applied to Volumio, to be declared as some “AirPlay volume-controlled receiver”.
If you know Kodi (which AirPlay is not working that well), there is a setting to get the receiver volume control by the AirPlay source.

Any chance to implement this volume aspect in Volumio?
It’s just painful to have to put the volume to the max on the iPad, then move to the Volumio interface and adjust the volume …

I have a similar issue. When connected through airplay I can control the volume on Volumio by controlling the volume on my iphone, but the max volume is still very low. Increasing the volume on Volumio itself doesn’t work. Any tips would be appreciated.

I solved part of my issue by going to Settings/Playback options, changing the max volume from 100 to 70% and clicking save. Not sure why that changed anything, just hitting save might have had the same effect. Note that i am using a Hifiberry amp+ with hardware volume control. The log says Updating Volume Controller Parameters: Device: 1 Name: Hifiberry DAC Mixer: Master Max Vol: 70 Vol Curve; logarithmic Vol Steps: 2

I can now control the airplay volume not only using the volume on my iphone but also by changing the Volumio volume through the web interface. The only problem that remains is that the input volume of airplay is much lower than the volume of other inputs. When switching from airplay back to webradio I have to remember lowering the volume first otherwise I wake up the rest of the house :slight_smile:.

Is there anyway to configure the input volume of airplay?

I have the same issue, though I don’t think it’s an issue with AirPlay so much as it is with MPC/Volumio. The volume difference is huge between airplay and Volumio played music, but the volume on AirPlay is closely inline with my other AirPlay devices (Airport Express). The problem is that the volume from Volumio music is significantly louder than it should be. I set the Volumio volume to 2 and I already have to turn the volume down on the amp by a large amount. By 4 it’s way too loud. Forget about going above 6 or 7, which means the whole volume range is decided between 0 and about 5.

I’ve tried all sorts of settings through the UI and other tricks I’ve seen on other forums but nothing seems to work to bring down the volume of Volumio and make the volume control work nicely. It seems the whole thing needs to be scaled down where the max volume of 100 is more like the current 10, then scale that.

I have a USB sound card “C-Media Technologies, Inc.” if that helps anyone. Any hints on where to adjust/look would be appreciated.