Volume Display Topping D50s

Just installed Volumio and was lucky enough to get a lifetime subscription. I have it working with a Topping D50s on which Volumio recognizes the hardware volume control. Volume control seems to work fine, but I notice that changing the volume in Volumio does not change the volume (db) display on the Topping D50s. This made me wonder if somehow it was not using the hardware volume control on the D50s.
Anyone else have a similar experience and know what is going on? Thx

Same with Topping D90

@EdW does Volumio show the mixer as Hardware? Any way in the logs to figure out if it is actually using Hardware volume control on the dac?

Check in playback settings page what kind of is used. The software mixer is not enabled automatically, the hardware mixer, if exists, yes.

Mixer Type does indeed show as Hardware. Curious though that changing volume in Volumio works but does not change the db display on the dac. When you change the dac volume using the remote or front panel control, it does change the db display on the dac.

Can you try in ssh:


and check for your DAC if there is an other volume mixer.
I own a FX-AUDIO-802 that claims an hw mixer, but with no effect from volumio (or any other usb input).

@balbuze when I run it the output is,

Card: bcm2835 ALSA
Chip: Broadcom Mixer
View: F3: Playback F4:Capture F5: All
Item: PCM(dBgain: -18.09)

Identical on Topping D90. Shows as hardware and changes the volume OK but does not show as a change of volume on the D90 display

What you returned is the Rpi integrated onboard sound card. Press F6 to select your Dac

@balbuze sorry here it is.
Card: D50s
View: F3( Playback) F4: Capture F5: All
Item: D50s (dB gain -43.00)

Sorry forgot
Chip: USB Mixer

When I raise and lower the volume in iPad Volumio app, it raises and lowers the green volume indicator on the D50s page in terminal.

@balbuze dies this provide any answers?

You don’t say if there is an other mixers like that:

IMHO, the problem comes from the DAC or alsa implementation. Did you tested it plug on a PC? Does it changes the display when you change volume?
What is the name of the mixer in volumio?

Have not tried on PC.

@MattLum can you post a pic of them? How are they named? Do they show up in alsamixer when you ssh into volumio?

Have you checked if several mixers are available in Volumio?

Hi there,
I believe the reason you can’t see the Display change with Volumio is the display only works in “Headphone” mode on the DAC. It must be connected to the output controlled only in that mode. Volumio controls the hardware when in either DAC or Headphone mode suggesting the control hierarchy for the external control input is different than that of the front panel control which is hard linked to the display.

Hi there,
The two hardware mixers are called Topping Clock Selector and Topping Clock Selector 1. These are both listed as hardware mixers in Volumio playback settings. If you connect over ssh they show up in alsamixer > F6 > DX7s.
The output level will be the product of the settings of both selectors combined. If you select TCS in Volumio settings as your mixer. You will see the level for TCS change in ssh as you adjust the volume in volumio.
I can find no way to control TCS1 from Volumio so you have to set it at 100% in you ssh session to ensure you have maximum output level control.

@MattLum that seems very plausible. My alsamixer display is the same as yours although in the D50s the 2 hardware mixers have a slightly different name from yours( but use the same 1 modifier for the second one).
I just picked up an E30 and will see if it works the same way. Thx for your analysis.