Volume difference Spotify Connect and TuneIn Radio

Quick specs;
Raspberry Pi Zero W
HiFiBerry DAC+ Zero
Active B&O loudspeakers

When Volumio volume is set to 60% and Spotify Connect and Plugin to 100%, the volume sounds normal, not excessively loud.
When I then start a radio stream from TuneIn Radio, my ears blow off. Setting Volumio volume to 2% sounds at the same volume like Spotify.

How can I set it so, that the volume of the radio is similar to that of Spotify or vice versa :unamused: ?

Anyone else who has this issue?


Very similar volume issue here

Running Volumio 2.692 on a Raspberry Pi 3B
Hifiberry AMP2 driving cheap 4ohm passive speakers

I’ve only just set this up, I installed Tuneblade on my Windows 10 Asus laptop. Tuneblade detected Volumio automatically, I started playing a Youtube video and the laptop audio comes out of the speakers. So that’s UPNP/DLNA streaming sorted! (Couple of things to report, 1. I couldn’t get Stream What You Hear SWYH to work, it seemed to detect Volumio but no audio gets streamed. That’s why I tried Tuneblade, which worked straightaway. 2. I noticed the speaker sound significantly improves massively when I put a jack in the laptop headphone socker. No idea why - might be a quirk of my Asus laptop? The jack isn’t connected to anything it’s just a 3.5mm to stereo RCA pair cable.)

I then switched to Volumio and selected a web radio station, the sound was deafening! Turning the dial down from 100 even to 1 or 2 barely made any difference. I played around with Volumio settings - Playback Options, Volume Options, Max Volume Level - reduced it from 100 to 20, press Save. Volume is now acceptable. I then stopped the web radio, changed Max Volume Level back to 100, returned to the Playback tab, reduced the Volume dial to 0, restarted playing the web radio, and gradually increased the volume and was able to bring it up to 20 or 30 without being too loud (it’s late and I don’t want to annoy the neighbours!).