Volume control not working after Volumio interface update in MiniDSP SHD Studio

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v
Hardware: MINIDSP SHD studio
DAC: topping D90

I cannot find the ‘about’ tab in VOLUMIO with the version SORRY! Maybe, possibly Volumio2? But just a guess. I updated yesterday 5th sept 2021 from the miniDSP-based interface so it’s whatever they are distributing now.
Please let me know where to find the version.
The volume control I am referring to is the web based control visible on the playback window.
Now that bar moves around but nothing happens to the actual music volume. Only way to change volume is the SHD remote. The DAC is set to full volume and doesn’t matter.
I looked around alot and I see a few threads on the subject sorry if this is discussed before.

Sorry I found the version 1.099