Volume control Allo Relay Attenuator

Hi. So I have an idea to add Allo relay attenuator to my Volumio setup. As I understand Volumio is capable of driving the attenuator with the plugin installed. Is it also possible to add physical + / - switches to RPI so that I could adjust Volume on the device. I could use a touchscreen and adjust volume there but I’d prefer to have physical buttons so I don’t need to install touchscreen.

I’m also interested. But what was your exact question.?There is some addition documentation under the plug in in Volumio but I think the Volume knob needs to be installed correctly with your dac hat and you have not listed that :blush: so you are hard to help.
Yes, it’s possible…

I must have been really tired when I made my first post. Even I can’t understand what I was asking there. I know about adding a physical volume control knob to Volumio. The thing is that I want to use a source selector with additional inputs before relay attenuator and use it to control volume for other sources than RPI running Volumio. Allo relay attenuator is able to run on its own without RPI and be controlled via physical buttons for which it has a separate connector on board. I was wondering if anyone has tried similar approach. So when RPI is running then Volumio would be controlling relay attenuator and when I use another source and RPI is shut down then I could use physical buttons to adjust volume. I guess I’ll just try and see.