Visualiser support

Does Volumio have plug-in support for visualisers, e.g. via a shared memory buffer?

I’ve been tinkering with my RPi and Squeezelite and managed to code up a dBFS meter (ncurses at the moment until my OLED arrives). The problem with Squeezlite is that the shared memory object is a bit of a hack and only has 16-bit samples. I’m also going to try a spectral analyser and would be very interested to hear whether the Volumio code has any such plug-in feature.

My first major project is to convert an old Fallout 3 lunchbox into a bottlecap mine player, with a green OLED displaying Fallout themed graphics, power supply, DAC etc. I started off with writing some rotary encoder and LCD routines but I only started C before Christmas after a long programming hiatus. It’s been fun so far but I’m going off Squeezelite and would prefer something more audiophile. It will be RPi based but I may start messing around with the Arduino Pro Mini to handle the visualisation routines if there is a performance hit on the RPi.

I am interested in the same thing. I would like for my touchscreen to have a screensaver and once it activates it would be a Visualizer. Much like the linked Visualizer for osmc. … i2/4300/31

Seems to me that this wouldn’t be to difficult of a plug-in to develop, I am just not sure where to start.