Virtual keyboard

Hi, there, what about implement a virtual keyboard to use with the official raspberry pi touchscreen display? I use that display with volumio and it’s really cool! But scrolling through my very large music collection is hard. It would be much easier if I could type in the name of an artist or album. I installed a virtual keyboard but i cannot start it. Maybe there are others who miss a virtual keyboard, too? @volumio-team: you do a great job! Thanks! :slight_smile:

i have the same problem…

You can use matchbox-keyboard. Execute the following steps to install it:

  1. If you haven’t done so already enable SSH access to Volumio as described here:

  2. Connect to Volumio via SSH.

  3. Install matchbox-keyboard and matchbox-window-manager sudo apt-get install matchbox-window-manager matchbox-keyboard

  4. Open /opt/ with sudo nano /opt/

  5. Substitute the line openbox-session & withmatchbox-keyboard -d & matchbox-window-manager -use_titlebar no &

  6. Save the file hitting Ctrl+x, y and “Enter”.

  7. Disable the touch display plugin and then enable it again.