very fast playback on volumio, how to configure right set

Hi, I am new volumio user. I have RPI 4, 4 GB RAM. Upgarded with Hifi DAC HAT made by As to recommended I downloaded volumio-2.773-2020-05-05-pi.img, flashed to SD card. inserted to Pi4, then Volumio server started. It’s pure unix CLI. Okay, before power on, I connected to an HDD, with audio files via USB. Using Android (Huawei) hardware. P9 smart phone. I see the the files on the HDD connected to USB, also can selected and playback. Playback is about 4x times faster than original.

  1. Where to set / confilgure the speed? I also tried on Huawei Media PAD. Chrome, I can play music file, the same 4x speed up.
  2. Is there a package that can be added under Raspbian, as originally recommended to user, so the GUI interface can be used?
    Thanks for helping me in advance.