Very choppy/unstable/laggy playback

Hello folks,

my music playback is very choppy – it’s like for a little time the playback pauses and then continues … pauses and continues …

I’m playing back the music from my fileserver via NFS. The Raspberry Pi 2 runs Volumio 1.55 and has a wired LAN connection. Additionally I’m using a HifiBerry DAC+. My micro-SD card is the one which is delivered together with the NOOBS micro-SD to SD adaptor. My power supply is an Apple iPad charger, the new one with 12W. I’m using my USB cable which was delivered together with my Nexus 4, it’s branded LG …

I don’t think it’s a problem with the PSU or the cable, so I don’t know where else the problem could be?

Thanks very much!

I’ve tried three different PSUs now, always I have this choppy music playback …

I’m using “Best Sinc Interpolator” – though, I also tried it with “Fastest …” but the behavior is not different.

I having the same problem here.

Running on the latest release version: 1.55 on the first version of Pi.

I’m using a WLAN adapter - and has great signal quality (Tested with other tools and a 90/90 connection). RuneAudio is working out-of-the-box, but have problems with the volumecontrol, and that’s why i’m back on Volumio.

But, then Spotify is playing there is small “breakes” in the music. Normally i guess its near one or two times in each number. In the “break” there is no noise, and normally it’s about 200-1000ms.

What could it be? Don’t think it’s the power-supply, and i have heat-sicks on it (had not set OC or anything).

I’m using a USB Audio card from eBay (cost no money…- like this: )

BUT - It’s working with Spotify on RuneAudio, so i don’t think the sound-hardware is the problem here.

Any suggestions?

Hi, I had the same issue. It is likely due to caching. Please see here
I tried both these approaches successfully:

  • using a faster SD card
  • moving he cache to ramdisk